Sunday, November 27, 2011


Location: Wisconsin Dells and Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Visited: June 2011

I separated the H.H. Bennett Studio from the rest of the Dells pages because it was by far my favorite stop of the entire trip. The photo in the upper left corner also folds out to reveal another photo of Bennett in a boat, but I like the jumping dude better. It was one of the first pictures created with "high speed" photography, to the point where many people at the time believed it was faked.

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison was an impulse stop, but very interesting nonetheless. It is made up mostly of life-sized dioramas of every American military conflict, including the most recent.


  1. Huh, two places I didn't go to with you. Of course I think the second one was after I left.

  2. Yeah, the museum was in Madison, where we hung out downtown to kill time before our flight. I don't know where you were for the H.H. Bennett studio. That was just me, Bill, and Dad - Mom had no interest in it so she wandered some other shops while we were inside.