Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Front Royal, VA

Location: Front Royal, Virginia, USA
Visited: Winter 2010

I hate it when I forget to date these places, because heaven knows I'll never remember months on. Anyway, I just remember it was winter because by about midafternoon I was losing my light - the sun was at such an extreme angle that the mountains started blocking it out very early in the day.

This is mostly from the walking tour pamphlet, and I only included the places I actually visited. Mosby's Rangers were a large part of the history here, as this was where they were executed. I'd never even heard of Mosby before moving to Virginia (back in Illinois we didn't get quite the in-depth Civil War coverage), but now I've developed a sort of fascination with him. One day I might even get around to reading a biography or something similarly more detailed than the dozens of historic markers mentioning him.

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