Q. What is this?
A. Glue Stick Tourism is a term I just made up for creating your own souvenir journal pages from pamphlets and other paper matter picked up while traveling. I named it such because glue sticks are my preferred adhesive.

Q. Isn't this just scrapbooking?
A. Sure, if you'd like to call it that. The only difference is that I do not include photographs, thought bubbles, or journal entries.  Some people also call it smashbooking.

Q. Why do you do this?
A. I like taking pieces of paper, cutting them into smaller pieces of paper, and gluing them to other pieces of paper.

Q. No, I mean, why are you blogging about this?
A. It was a suggestion from the lovely and talented Christiann of Sticky Comics when she saw the collage I made at Intervention. I do it regardless every time I take a trip, so the extra effort of blogging about them seemed minimal and quite possibly fun.

Q. Aren't you worried about copyright infringement?
A. If I were downloading or printing these images from websites and reposting them here without prior permission, then yes, that would be a concern. However, everything here is physically in my possession, either picked up for free or purchased. I have the right to show off anything I purchase, and I would question anyone who tried to control the dissemination of material given freely to strangers.

Q. Who are you?
A. Around the internet I'm usually known as melydia. My main blog is mostly drawings.

Q. How often do you post?
A. When I have something new to share. I won't post more than once per day; anything additional will just get scheduled for the next day. I'll probably have stretches of lots of daily posts followed by quiet periods, depending on how well I keep up with my scanning.

Q. Where do you travel?
A. I'm hardly a world traveler; I collect pamphlets pretty much everywhere I go. There will be occasional posts from far-flung locales, but by and large everything will be within a reasonable radius of Washington, D.C.