Saturday, November 18, 2017

Maryland Lighthouses

Date: September 2017

I completed the 2017 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge, visiting nine lighthouses and one lightship over the course of two days.  To be honest, I haven't the foggiest idea why I did it.  I just decided it was something I wanted to do.  The silly part is that I'd actually visited all of these lighthouses before, though I hadn't been inside all of them.  (And still haven't - not all of them were open for tours even for the challenge.)  This year's challenge souvenirs were coasters and I collected them all, including the bonus one for finishing.  It was fun, but wow was that ever a lot of driving.

The next few posts are of the lighthouses I visited during that weekend. I also purchased the 2015 souvenir stickers, so those pages will also have some 2015 dates.  Don't be fooled!  It was all 2017! ;)

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