Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Baltimore, MD

Place Visited: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Date: September 2017

I arrived too early to go aboard the Chesapeake Lightship (some Girl Scouts had spent the night there and hadn't left yet), but the man at the gate was charming and knowledgable. He also had the only lighthouse stamp with the challenge dates on it.

Seven Foot Knoll was very neat.  I'd kind of forgotten it existed, to be honest, despite all my trips to Baltimore over the years.

A note on the "rip off!" comment - I got inside a garage that was going to charge me $20 for two hours, so I left.  And got charged $5 for the seven minutes I was in there.  I wish this was atypical for Baltimore parking garages, but it is not, so I take the blame for that.  Ah well.

Visited as part of the 2017 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge.

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