Monday, October 24, 2011

Leesburg, VA

Location: Ball's Bluff Battlefield, Leesburg, Virginia, USA
Visited: September 2009

After a long day of snarfing all around Harpers Ferry and northwestern Virginia, I decided to stop by Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park in Leesburg. My original intent was to walk the short Battlefield Interpretive Trail Loop, which was basically out to the cemetery and back. Somehow, upon leaving the cemetery, I ended up on the wrong path. The map said all the paths looped back to the parking lot eventually, so I just kept walking. As you can see from my Sharpie dots, I managed to get on the only path that was not a loop: the Potomac Heritage Trail. By the time I finally emerged from the woods, I was in Edwards Landing Park. The parking lot dumped me out into a generic suburban housing development, where luckily I happened upon a lovely couple out walking their dog who explained how to get back to my car - an additional 2-mile walk. Not an adventure I'm soon to forget!


  1. Hee hee, I remember your blog post about this, wondering what the couple must have thought when you emerged from the woods, sweaty and clutching a Peep.

    PS When does this get a linky from utter randomonium?

  2. The post about it goes up Thursday. I guess I could add it to the sidebar...