Sunday, March 27, 2016

Millwood, VA

Location: Millwood, Virginia, USA
Visited: November 2015

My original plan was to visit the estate at Long Branch but it seemed pretty closed so I wandered down the road to nearby Millwood. The Burwell-Morgan Mill was a nifty little tour, and then I had lunch at the Locke Country Store across the street, where I ate cornbread made from flour ground at the mill. Very tasty.


  1. I have a few questions. :-)

    1. Is that a bumper sticker?
    1a. Is it the first bumper sticker you've gluebooked?
    2. What happened to the front label to the Curiosity Cola?
    3. How was the Curiosity Cola?

    1. 1. Yes!
      1a. No. I also used them in spreads for Berlin, MD and Artomatic 2012.
      2. It wouldn't come off the bottle.
      3. Not bad, but not particularly memorable either.

    2. Aha! Somehow it seems more obviously bumper-sticker-y than those others. I was wondering about the cola mostly because Fentimans seems to make old-timey (read: potentially medicinal tasting) sodas. :-)