Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quechee, VT

Location: Quechee, Vermont, USA
Visited: April 2012

After taking a gander at the beautiful Quechee Gorge, we stopped by the antique mall and toy museum at Quechee Gorge Village where we found just all sorts of treasures. Inside was also a Cabot Cheese dealer with loads of yummy samples and the surprisingly refreshing Maple Soda. It's hard to see, but I included the ingredients on the left: all that's in there is carbonated water and maple syrup. It's a lot milder than you'd expect.

VINS nature center is another favorite. They're primarily a raptor rescue, so the birds on display are only those unfit to re-enter the wild (mostly due to diminished flight capacity). So you know the many (many!) other birds that come and go are healed and set free. The snowy owl there at the top was probably my favorite of the day. She sat in the far corner of her cage and peered around at us, making cute little noises from time to time. I love owls, and crabby owls are somehow even cuter.

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