Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange, VA

Location: Orange, Virginia, USA
Visited: February 2012

The Gilmore Cabin was unfortunately not open for the season yet, but it was really nifty looking. I am fascinated by old decrepit buildings and this one looks like it would have been no disappointment. I'll have to head down there again sometime.

Anyway, shortly after I took a gander at the city of Orange (California is not the only state with an Orange County, yo), which turned out to be more or less your standard Virginia city: Civil War-era curiosities jostling generic modern chains. But I kinda like that motif. I had a nice chat with the fellow in the visitors center, and also took a quick tour through the Montpelier Train Depot, fully restored to how it was in 1910. That is to say, segregated. I'm not sure which was more uncomfortable for me to enter: the door marked "white" or the door marked "colored".

Final note: very little in Orange was actually orange. Quite the missed opportunity, I say.

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