Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alexandria, VA

Location: Mount Vernon, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Visited: March 2012

This was my fourth visit to Mount Vernon, and quite possibly my last for quite a long time. Three friends and I met up for the day ostensibly to mop up the last of the historical markers left to snarf, but really it was more of an excuse to be out in the gorgeous weather and laugh at each other. A lot.

I tried not to reuse any of the images from my last visit, but it looks like I needn't have worried, as their brochure appears to have changed. Note the mansion time on the ticket. Yeah, we didn't make that. There were about eighty tour groups swarming the place so we skipped that line and took a leisurely stroll through the rest of the grounds. All in all a delightful day.

The little cards with the blue text are from the gift shop, freebies with more information about the various merchandise for sale. I didn't end up using nearly as much as I picked up, mostly because I have no interest in the sort of china old Georgie boy used.

One more thing: I drew a little X near the bottom left corner of the second page. That's where I lived when I first moved to Northern Virginia, meaning I was on what was once part of Washington's land. Now I live on what was once part of the Bull Run Battlefield. It's a good thing I kinda dig history. You can't escape it here.

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