Saturday, October 28, 2017

Berkeley Springs, WV

Place Visited: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA
Date: November 2016

A friend invited me to her annual ladies' spa weekend in Berkeley Springs.  We didn't use the public baths, but my appointments were in the afternoon so I had a lot of time to wander the town, including the cute little museum.  The weather was lovely as well - quite warm and sunny for November.


  1. What is that pot poem from? And I was confused about the "buff and green" business until I realized they're probably talking about the buildings - it seemed like a bit of a non sequitur. :-)

  2. The pot poem was from a business card or flyer I picked up at an art fair I visited while I was there. There was a whole lot going on in Berkeley Springs that day. And yeah, it is a non sequitur but there's a whole lot more Berkeley Springs coming up in the next few weeks, so a few pages became catch-alls. :)

    And yeah, the "buff and green" refers to the Roman Bath House, the building in the upper right corner of that page. That spread is just about the Roman Bath House and the museum inside of it.