Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cambridge, MD

Location:Cambridge, Maryland, USA
Date Visited: January 2015

Lunch at The High Spot was tasty, and it started to snow while I was eating. This turned out to be a bigger setback than I'd realized, as the snow quickly turned near-blinding and I ended up at the Dorchester County Visitor Center to wait it out. That was a bit of a strange place. At every single visitor center I've ever visited (and I've visited quite a few), the person working behind the desk has been friendly and helpful. The woman working at this one barely gave me a nod and a smile. Unfortunately, by the time the snow had started to ease up, it was too dark and rainy to continue on, so I overnighted in Delmar. I ate dinner at Tokyo Steakhouse, which was yummy but wow did I ever order too much food.

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