Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Asheville, NC

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Visited: October 2011

One of the best parts of Asheville was the large number of local shops and restaurants. Links ahoy!

  • We spent quite a bit of time at Malaprop's, an independent bookstore and cafe. Tasty food and fun selection of merchandise.
  • I very much enjoyed shopping at the Mast General Store, the Kress Emporium, Grove Arcade, and ZaPow art gallery.
  • The Chocolate Fetish had some seriously delicious treats.
  • Mellow Mushroom gave me flashbacks. (There's one in Charlottesville, VA, where I went to graduate school.)
  • Awesome noms were, er, nommed at Laurey's, Asheville Brewing Company, and Twisted Crepe.
  • I stopped by West End Bakery and enjoyed some delicious cookies solely because there was an OBCZ there. This isn't the first time I've eaten somewhere directly because of BookCrossing. I also caught a wild book there that had mysteriously transported some 250 miles from West Virginia to North Carolina.
  • I walked the entire Asheville Urban Trail, thirty plaques and statues detailing the history of the area. Some truly strange pieces (hello, giant iron?) but some beautiful ones too.

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